Open MRI of the breast
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Open MRI of the breast:

Baton Rouge Radiology group adds breast MRI to practice in the form of a large bore high field open 1.5T mri scanner.  Many women who might not fit into the smaller standard size mri systems, may be steered to search a facility that has an Espree large bore open mri of the breast program available to them.

More centers are using magnetic resonance imaging as part of their practice for early detection in breast cancer. Here is video from another center in Baton Rouge Louisiana using a Siemens Espree large bore “open” 1.5T MRI scanner for dynamic breast mri scanning.  Click on the image below to watch the video from their local NBC affiliate, WVLA Channel 33.



Click on the above image to see video.

open_mri_of_the_breast_dr. robert miller baton rouge radiology group

Dr. Robert Miller explains information about annual mammograms and the breast mri exam. This particular site has an advantage because they have a high field open bore mri scanner that can accommodate larger women.  Many “open” mri scanners have been what is called “low field” magnetic systems such as 0.25 or 0.35 Tesla strength systems in the past.

One certainly would not want to have their breast mri performed on a low field mri system because the American College of Radiology does not accreditate breast mri on the low field open systems.  There is not enough signal to noise on the low field open systems to visualize the smallest lesions, but on the high field open system at Baton Rouge Radiology, which is a much much stronger magnet at 1.5Tesla, there is a great deal more signal to visualize the smaller breast lesions. Visualization means early detection, and this means a higher rate of survival through interventional means of breast cancer.

The term in this article using “high field open” refers to the size of the bore, which is shaped like a circle, as opposed to many low field opens which are shaped like a sideways horseshoe.  Dynamic breast MRI’s cannot be done appropriately on the low field open mri systems, but they can be performed very well on the high field open mri systems. If you are looking for open mri of the breast in louisiana, you may want to contact Baton Rouge Radiology.

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